Serial Port Plugin to Sublime Text

I wanted to do something with this excellent Text Editor’s extensible plugin framework. So why can’t I try developing a extension which is useful for people who(don’t know how you feel, but I’m bored) often bored using serial port clients like minicom, kermit, PuTTy,TeraTerm,.. I’m not telling they are completely bored, but not much intuitive in-terms of user interface and functionality.

So how to make the debugging people to feel happy? They often good coders 🙂 mostly hung with text editors. They know how to use the best features of text editors. But why they need another piece of software to interact with serial port? Why can’t use their best text editor named sublime itself ?

Not bad aha :-). Quite promising know 🙂 No?? 😦

As like a list of files in their sublime project, sublime can managed to show list of serial devices as well (Thanks for *nix, I copied your idea :D). If users opens it, contents from serial device populated similar like normal file, if user types anything then it will be written to serial port.

Yes, you can open /dev/ttyS0;

Yeah! Just like a  text editing you can interact with serial devices. I don’t know whether it will be useful for you or not, but surely useful for my day by day work.

I’m going to make it simple, don’t know will it be best or not!!. Will meet you soon with design patterns for this plugin implementation. Ah, I got opportunity to make my python skill strong :D. Thanks sublime.

Still more features coming for you!! How about forwarding your serial port across your computer using sublime? You can do more!! Enjoy more!!