As a open source enthusiastic I would like to involve in the below works during my leisure time,

1. Event based multi-threaded resolver support for libcurl(yes, curl_multi_fdset should return proper socket descriptor even though curl easy handle is in resolving state while system resolver is enabled).

2. cairo-directfb interface optimization.

3. B2G(Boot to Gecko -> Boot to Webkit) possibilities(Gap between B2G and Chromium OS).

4.Running standalone Dalvik(without android framework to run android apps on tv).

5. Android Device battery utilization profiling & optimization.

6.Skia acceleration on top of DirectFB.

7.Finding-out better way to update android apps(Currently a minor change in android application results the entire app to be downloaded-waste of bandwidth & time. Since android application is a modified all-in-one java class file, update can be only class files which is modified. Not equally a diff patch)

8.Contributing to WebKit

9.Chromium Extension to support HbbTV